1st Renunion Bar
Friday Evening Social - November 11th, 2022
YO Ranch Hilton, Kerrville, Texas
2033 Sidney Baker • (830) 257-4440

4983   4986   4987
And the socializing begins . . .   The lobby fireplace was a popular gathering spot!   The Elm Waterhole attrached a nice group of good friends.
4984   4990   4991
One has to wonder what wild stories are being told here!   And the bear kept watch
over everyone!
  A silver saddle was on display.
Nelson-Silvia, c1950s perhaps.
4987   4989   4997
More reminiscing in the lounge.   The YO Hotel Lobby.   The "Lounge Crowd grew as the night wore on.
4991   4994   4996
Another photo of the Nelson-Silvia silver saddle.   Bronze of a cowboy and steer are the focal point in the lobby.   Another angle of the bronze.
4991   5001   5003
As the night wore on, the in the lounge grew larger - and louder!   Folks admire the beautiful
Nelson-Silvia display.
5008   5012   5014
Nelson-Silvia display.   Folks warming themsleves & "catching up" by the lobby fireplace.
5017   5018   5019
The YO Hotel lobby is the perfect place to gather and reminisce.   Meeting room, soon to be filled.
5051   5052   5053
The lobby was buzzing with folks visiting and
admiring the Nelson-Silvia display.
  We wonder what rodeo stories these old cowboys are telling!
5015   5020   5021
Another view of the bronze.        
5022   5023  

Our good friend,
and ACACHOF inductee,
Mr. Billy Jordan
prepared the picture boards you see in the last four photos.



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